What Labels do I need for my Pantry?

Pantry Organization can seem like a daunting task as it can be time consuming if you are not used to de cluttering, categorizing food items and organizing spaces. On top of that, it can be difficult to work out what labels you will need, especially if you have many different food items in your kitchen pantry.  However, once the job is done, it can be very rewarding and will save you time and effort in the long-run when you need to find items in a hurry.

Lets start by taking a look at the steps you'll need to take before working out what labels you will need for your pantry.

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De-cluttering your Pantry

One of the foremost steps to working out what labels you will need is to de-clutter! There may be food items which are expiring or items that you don't cook with often, therefore you may not need a labelled container for them.  Its a good idea to buy some Use By Date Labels to apply to your containers so that you can keep track of the expiry.

Start de-cluttering your pantry by checking the use by dates on packaging before decanting your food items into clear storage containers. You may even want to group the food items together that are almost expiring and have a storage basket for the items that need to be used first, that way you can look for recipes that require the same ingredients so that nothing goes to waste!

Group food items into different categories

Begin by organizing items into different groups such as rice, pastas, cans, stocks, legumes etc.  You can categorize baking supplies together such as food coloring's, baking powder, flavorings, cookie cutters etc so that everything is in one place and you wont need to rummage around to find what you need the next time you bake a cake!

Invest in clear containers and waterproof labels

Once you have grouped your food items together and checked expiry dates, de-cluttered and discarded any expired goods, you will need to work out how many food storage containers you will need.

Clear pantry containers help you to see when you are running low of something and need to do a restock of your pantry essentials. 

It is generally a good idea to restock your pantry food items when you have just enough for one to two more meals for your family, that way you aren't unnecessarily having to store your back stock for a long period of time, which takes up space and may go out of date.

Love and Labels vinyl labels are perfect for your kitchen pantry as they are waterproof and long lasting.  This is because we use premium quality vinyl that wont wash off your kitchen jars or fade away unlike other kitchen labels. So no matter how often you wash your containers, our labels will stay put.  Whats even better is that the labels can be peeled off if you need to swap out food items and replaced without leaving any damage

What labels will I need for my pantry?

Once you have your food storage containers washed and ready to go and have decanted your food items into your jars, you will need to start making a list of the labels you will need.

Our Kitchen pantry labels are made here in Western Australia and can be made to match your style and decor with our wide range of pretty fonts and label colours.

Love and Labels have Personalized Custom Pantry labels available so that you can match the exact food items in your pantry.  We also have pre-selected label packs which have been pre-made and contain some of the most frequent food items you are likely to find in a pantry.  Our pre-selected Pantry labels are the most popular option as they are discounted up to 80%.   The great news is that these pantry labels can still be customized with your choice of font and label colour.

...and finally

Label everything before putting your items back into your pantry, that way you aren't having to reach up to each shelf every time you need to apply a label. How you organize your pantry will depend on the amount of space and items you have.  You can create space in your kitchen pantry by adding lazy susans which are ideal for storing your spices and oil bottles.  We also recommend adding risers in your pantry so you can create another level to your pantry which will add more space.

Are you ready to create your functional space?

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