What is the purpose of Santa Sacks?

The timeless tradition of Santa Sacks goes as far back in time as the late 1800's when Saint Nicholas, the legendary Santa Clause used to carry around gifts in a large brown sack for those in need.  Back then these gifts were primarily for the small children of poorer families and commonly consisted of oranges, apples and nuts.

The Santa Sack Tradition

The folklore of the Santa Sack has been adapted in time to a more modern version of the tradition. 

From Santa Clause carrying around the presents on his sleigh and dropping them down the chimney, to for the families that don't have a Christmas tree - the kids would leave their pillowcases at the end of their bed for Santa Clause to know where to leave their Gifts on Christmas Eve.

There's nothing quite like the excitement of Christmas morning, when all the gifts have been bought and everyone is eager to open up their Santa Sacks and then celebrate the day with family, friends and lots of festive food.

Large Santa Sack, Personalised Santa Sack

An Alternative to Wrapping Gifts

As the gift giving industry continues to grow, people are now being more environmentally conscious than ever and adopting sustainable gift giving practices - the brilliant thing about these reusable Keep-sacks is that you don't even need to wrap the gifts, simply place the gifts inside unwrapped!  Did you know that it is estimated Globally that around 4 million tonnes of Christmas wrapping paper goes in to landfill each year?

Do Gifts from Santa Get Wrapped?

It's up to Santa whether or not he wants to wrap certain gifts.  With smaller items such as candy and small toys, these can be placed directly into Christmas Stockings, which can also be personalised with your Child's name on it.   For larger items such as puzzles, games, dolls and books, Santa may want to place them in a Large Santa Sack, however, Santa determines which gifts gets wrapped and which ones don't. 

Personalised Christmas Stocking

An Act of Christmas Kindness

Another awesome Santa Sack tradition to start is to get your child to refill their Santa Sack with their old toys that they no longer use and then donate them to the less fortunate.  After all, Christmas is a time of Giving and what better way to teach your Children this act of kindness at a young age....as well as to De Clutter and organize their toys in the process.

Large Personalised Santa Sacks

Our Personalised Santa Sacks make it super easy to bring your family gifts along to Christmas gatherings and are large enough to place unwrapped gifts inside. With plenty of unique designs to choose from, these large sized festive bags make storing your Christmas gifts even more fun.

Simply leave your empty Personalised Santa Sacks by the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve for Santa to fill with gifts, that way if your gift bag has your name on it, your presents wont get mixed up. 

For the little ones in our lives, seeing is believing. Having a Santa Sack under the tree makes them feel the true magic of Christmas, the same joy that kept Santa Claus alive in our childhoods for so long.

Personalised Christmas Decorations

Not only are Santa Sacks practical but they can double up as a humble Christmas Decoration too.  Our Keep-sacks are made from heavy duty quality material which means that they can be reused year after year and our wide range of Festive Sacks, From personalised to traditional red Santa sacks makes it easy to choose something that will match your decor or theme.

traditional red santa sack



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