Love and Labels Wax Melt Fragrance List

Love and Labels offers a wide variety of soy wax melt fragrances. Discover your favorite scents among our collection of long-lasting wax snap bar melts.  Our List is forever growing as we continue to add delicious new scents! Check out our fragrance list below!

And if you still cant decide, then we will select a scent for you! Just choose lucky Dip!

  • Vanilla Caramel - Top notes: Burnt sugar, lemon zest Mid notes: Brown sugar, white chocolate Base notes: Caramel Vanilla, crystalized musk, creamy nutmeg
  • Cotton Magnolia - Top notes: Aldehydes, Orange, Fresh complex Mid notes: Magnolia, Violet Base notes: Musk, Powdery, Tonka
  • Lemon Meringue Pie - Top Notes: Lime, Lemon Middle Notes: Buttermilk, Coconut Base Notes: Vanilla, Heliotrope
  • French Pear - Delicate French pear and red pear combine with lush pear leaves, a touch of peach nectar and warm undertones of soft vanilla.
  • Kitchen Spice - Fresh ground cinnamon and ginger blended with fragrant clove bud, aromatic allspice and a pinch of sparkling sugar.
  • Flower Bomb Type - This is an interpretation of a Viktor & Rolf Style fragrance. Top notes of Bergamot, Osmanthus.  Mid notes:  Jasmine, Orange Flower, Freesia, Rose and base notes Musk, Patchouli
  • Bubble Gum - Juicy and fruity with top notes of Raspberry and Strawberry and base notes of Vanilla, Tonka Bean
  • Musk Sticks - Top Notes: Coconut Mid Notes: Cinnamon, Rose Base Notes: Sweet, Patchouli, Musk
  • Christmas Candy Cane- Minty and sweet just like a christmas candy cane
  • Baby Powder - Smells exactly like baby powder! White lilies, vanilla, amber & ivory musk make this a powdery fragrance.
  • Coffee Cake - Delicious notes of warm coffee cake gleam with balancing touches of spicy cinnamon, rich brown sugar, creamy vanilla extract, and a zesty hint of citrus-infused maple.
  • Marshmallow - Top Notes: Coconut Mid Notes: Cinnamon, Rose Base Notes: Sweet, Patchouli, Musk
  • Black Raspberry and Vanilla - A spirited combination of blackberries and raspberries head this alluring fragrance with pretty, white florals at its core, harmonised by resounding notes of creamy vanilla and luscious musk.
  • Monkey Farts - Top notes: Fruity, Banana, Orange, Grapefruit, Sea Salt, Melon, Mangosteen Mid notes: Floral, Frangipani, Coconut, Jasmine Base notes: Vanilla, Hibiscus Musk
  • Lemongrass & Lime - Top Notes: Lemon, Lime Zest, Bergamot Middle Notes: Jasmine, Lemongrass Oil, Green Melon, Mandarin Base Notes: Cedar, Sweet Musk, Vanilla Bean
  • Lime & Coconut - Top notes: Lime, OrangeMid notes: Coconut Base notes: Musk, Sweet
  • Leather & Sandalwood - Top notes: CardamomMid notes: Black Pepper, Violet Base notes: Sandal, Musk, Orris, Cedarwood
  • Watermelon - Top notes: Fruity, Watermelon, Strawberry, Sour Cherries, Violet Leaves Mid notes: Floral, Cherry Blossom, Cyclamen, Lily of the Valley Base notes: Sweet, Vanilla, Peach Skins
  • Rainbow Sherbet - Top Notes: Citrus, Aldehydes, Pineapple
    Mid Notes: Muguet, Raspberry Base Notes: Violet
  • Dragons Blood - This mysterious, haunting and alluring blend is extremely sophisticated and complex. With warming notes of amber, incense and a touch of patchouli
  • Pumpkin Spice - Top Notes:  Cinnamon Mid Notes:  Cinnamon, All Spice, Pumpkin, Vanilla Base Notes:  Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Clove, Vanilla
  • Orange Sherbet - The classic aroma of sweet, candied orange zest swirled with frosted vanilla cream, tangy mandarin juice, white citron, and a scrumptious dash of sparkling cane sugar.
  • Champagne & Strawberries - A luxury bubbly scent with top notes of Red Apple, Candy, Purple Grape, Champagne. Mid notes of Strawberry, Raspberry, Cream, Powder topped off with Sweet Musk, Pink Sugar, Balsamic
  • Fruit Loops - Smells exactly like the sweet sugary cereal treats we loved as children. Top Notes: Lemon Zest, Lime and Pineapple Middle Notes: Lemongrass, Lily of the Valley Base Notes: Vanilla, Malt
  • Hot Chocolate -  Smells like you just opened a new block of Chocolate.  Just Devine! Top Notes: Butter, Maple Middle Notes: Milk, Cream, Coco Base Notes: Vanilla, Fudge
  • LCS Brazilian Bum Bum Type Fragrance Oil - An exquisite blend of soft florals and creamy caramel, finished with a warm base of vanilla and sandalwood. Top notes: Blood Orange, Pear Mid notes: Soft Lily, Sweet Caramel, Malt Base notes: Warm White Musk, Vanilla, Amber, Sandalwood
  • Pink Lollypop - Top Notes: Citrus Complex Mid Notes: Geranium, Peach, Cinnamon Base Notes: Patchouli, Musk, Sweet Caramel
  • Seduction - Top Notes: Orange Mid Notes: Jasmin, Mimosa, Pepper Base Notes: Vanilla, Cedarwood, Amber

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