Planner Stickers for Your Desk, Home or Car

Planner Stickers are an easy way to add some fun and spice up your planner and allow you to create a space for your inner child. They're also great for gift giving!  Our planner stickers will add some brightness and personality to your Planner or calendars.  Easy to peel and stick to your pages, journals, diaries and wherever else you would like to add them.

One of the easiest most popular and ways to customize your planner or journal is by using stickers.


Planner Stickers for Every Occasion

There are many ways to use stickers in your planner or journal, from adding extra splashes of colour to your pages, to affirming yourself with encouraging and positive quotes to decorating the blank spaces of your pages and stickers can even be used to hide your oopsies!

No matter what your planner strategy is, we have all types of stickers to suit your style and even to match occasions such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween.

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Our multi-functional planner stickers also are available in different styles to suit your planner theme, whether it be pastel colours, bright colours, monochrome or earthy.  Designed and printed in our studio, each sticker sheet is made with Love!

Planner Stickers: How to Use Them

Our decorative planner stickers are printed onto premium matte sticker paper and kiss cut using a machine to make it easy for you to peel and stick to your planners.

There are many different ways to use planner stickers and how you plan your journal is entirely up to you but adding stickers to highlight appointments, events, fitness tracking, to-do lists will help to make your notes stand out.   You can even tick the items you have achieved off your list with our cute little mini tick stickers.

Organise your Week, Month, Year with planner stickers

Once you get into the habit of planning, you will see how much more organised your life can be! It will not only help you to remember important dates but will remind you of what you have achieved that week, motivating you to do the things which matter most to you.

  • Highlighting Important tasks - Use planner stickers to highlight important tasks, mark important dates and your priorities.  You could use the stickers as bullet points for each new task you would like to achieve or use flag markers which can be written over the top of to make your notes stand out.
  • Planner Tabs - Add tabs to your planners so that you can find the page you are looking for straight away.
  • Colour Code - your planner with coloured stickers to categorize your appointments.
  • Track your habits -  These could be personal goals that you have such as to drink more water, do 10,000 steps daily, go to the gym, read a chapter a day.
  • Keep your finances on track - our afterpay stickers will let you know when each payment is due.  You can also track your pay day, budgets, expenses and when your bills are due / have been paid.

....And remember - HAVE FUN!


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