Labelling your Spice Jars

Herbs and Spices can transform your dish into a feast for the palate, and add tasty flavours to your meal.  That's why organizing your spice rack with jars and labels will not only look impressive, but is also a practical way to help you locate what you are looking for.


Supermarket spice jars are easy to grab on the go, however they will do no justice for your kitchen!  Not only are supermarket spice jars miss matched and unsightly, they are designed for single use. 

Swapping your old jars for Love and Labels glass spice jars will not only look aesthetically pleasing but our spice jars are more eco-friendly and sustainable as they can be refilled with the packet spices, saving you on household waste.

But how do you know whats inside?

That's where labeling your Herb and Spice Jars come in handy.

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Get Organized with Personalized Labels

Love and Labels Spice labels are designed to last!  Our Custom made and pre-made Spice Jar labels are long-lasting and waterproof! They are a semi permanent label, which means that they wont wash off or flake off at the edges, but with some effort and the right tools, they can be peeled off without damaging your spice jars. 

Labelling your jars and food containers helps you to organise your space and will save you time when you need to find something, which means that you will get to spend more time with your friends and family!  


  • Waterproof and Long Lasting 
  • Easy to apply to your spice jars and canisters
  • Made with premium quality vinyl 
  • Handmade to order 
  • Fully customisable in a wide range of fonts and colours
  • Fast delivery and 5 star ratings
  • Matching Pantry Container Labels available


Not only are these spice labels affordable, but they also transform your Pantry and spice jar containers into a unique and stylish innovative product that will impress anyone you show them to!

Everyday Essential Labels 

  • Beginner Spice Jar Pack  This Spice label pack is ideal for the home chef that loves to cook and isn't afraid to add a bit of spice and flavour to their food!  Our pre-made Herb and Spice label pack will have your spice jars looking organized in no time!  This everyday essential label pack consists of 18 of the most globally popular herbs and spices in our spice sized labels that can be applied to your spice jars or containers. 

Personalized Labels

  • As this pack is pre-made, changes can not be made to this item, however, if you would like to purchase additional Custom Herb and Spice labels you can do so here.

Herb & Spice Jar Labels for the Passionate Cook

  • Advanced Herb and Spice Jar Label Pack These pre-made Herb and Spice labels are a great place to start organizing and labeling your spice rack or spice drawer if you love to cook!  This Spice label pack includes popular common spices which you can find in most households.  This bargain Spice jar label set includes 20 pre-made spice jar labels which should cover the most cultured and globally known herbs and spices! 


Designed to fit specifically on smaller style jars, our spice labels will be a perfect fit for your food storage containers. As pictured, our spice jar labels have been applied to 100ml, 200ml and 300ml Spice Jars. Each word is 1-2cm in height, (depending on the font and word). Please note that some fonts are naturally larger than others.

Our spice jar labels are slightly smaller than our pantry labels, but will fit most spice sized jars and can be applied to your containers either horizontally or vertically. 

Conclusion: Get Your Spice Jars Organized with Personalized Labels

You wont regret organizing and labelling your spice jars, I promise!

If you love order in your home, you will understand how useful personalized labels are for you. Whether you have a small or large kitchen pantry, labels will make things easier for you to keep your home neat and organized.

Create a space that you will love with Love and Labels personalized labels for every section of your home. 

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