Label & Store Your Spices With These Clever Ideas!

Take your spices to the next level with these organizing and labeling tips! Discover clever ways to store and label all your spice containers right here.

glass spice jars

Searching through your assortment of spices can be an annoying task, especially if they all look the same. Utilizing storage and labeling techniques can help you quickly locate what you need and keep your spices organized. With these tips, storing and labeling your spice jar containers has never been easier.=

Invest in stackable containers or jars.

Short on pantry or kitchen space? Invest in stackable containers or jars that can be stored on top of each other to maximise the use of space. This will make for easy access and organization, as well as save you some counter space. Consider using spice jar containers with labels so that you can quickly spot what your looking for without having to rummage through all your ingredients.

Use Glass spice jars.

Glass spice jars are a stylish and practical way to store all of your favorite herbs and spices.  However, it can sometimes be a challenge to differentiate between two similar ingredients, especially if they look the same!  That's where our spice jar labels come in handy!  Our custom spice jar labels don’t fade, wash away or peel off, making them a great investment for your glass spice jars.

Create your own personalised custom spice labels for these spice jars to match the ingredients in your kitchen pantry. Each label is made to order in your choice of font and label colour.

glass spice jars

Store your spice jars on a spice rack.

Place spice jars on a spice rack  or turntable for quick, easy access. Spice racks are ideal to help you maximise storage as the three tiers help you to save space, while neatly displaying your selection of herbs and spices.   Our bamboo spice racks not only match our glass spice jars with bamboo lids, but they are also big enough to display our 100ml spice jars, 175ml spice jars and 200ml spice jars! 

Set out on different levels, the multi leveled tiers gives you an efficient way to keep all your spices organized and within reach while you’re cooking, so you don’t have to search around every time you need some seasoning!

Utilize the back of your pantry door.

If you are tight on space in your kitchen or pantry, using mounted spice racks or over the door storage with shelves will help you to maximize every corner of space you have!

Storing your spice jars in your cupboard is ideal as Spices are best kept in a cool dark area to prolong their shelf life.

Find what your looking for with Spice jar labels

A great way to stay organized is to ensure that each spice container has its own personalised labels. This will make it easier to recognize and reach for the correct container when need. Vinyl labels that are easily visible, water-resistant, and can be wiped clean are ideal for keeping your herbs, seasonings and spices labeled and sorted. Additionally, use our ''Expiry date labels'' to specify the date of purchase on the bottom of each container so you know how fresh your spices are. A little organization and labeling goes a long way in making spice retrieval a simple and seamless task!

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