How to Organise your Kids Toys

We all know how difficult it can be getting your kids to put away their toys after using them, that's why you will be surprised how organising, categorizing and labelling your kids toy storage will help to establish the habit of putting away after themselves.

''A place for everything and everything in its place'' - Benjamin Franklin



  • Have Less Toys - There are many different storage solutions for organising and keeping your kids toys tidy but with Birthdays, Christmases and gifts all year round, accumulating lots of toys makes it more difficult to keep on top of the organisation processes. That's why here at Love and Labels, we recommend going through your kids toys every 6-9 months and donating or de cluttering toys which haven't been used for a while.
  • Categorise like items together - Composing related items together allows you to be able to locate the item you are needing, more efficiently and effectively.  Our toy storage label packs contain all the basic labels you will need to categorise your kids toys.  Our organisation labels can be ordered as single custom labels, which is ideal if you have a novelty toys or our most popular option includes our pre-made toy storage label packs.
  • Invest in Toy Organizer Bins - Ikea have a Trofast tub range which will keep your kids toys neatly tidied away, out of sight, allowing your spaces to look less cluttered.  Our Trofast Labels are ideal for the Ikea Trofast tubs and organisation baskets. 
  • Use Age Appropriate Labels - Our labels can help your child to learn to read and know what goes where, which will help to create the habit of tidying up after themselves.   Our toy storage labels are larger than our other labels such as our pantry labels and other home organisation labels.  The toy storage labels are designed specifically to fit on to the ikea trofast tubs and kmart storage bins and baskets.   We also do custom toy picture labels, which are ideal for younger children.

toy storage labels, toy picture labels, trofast tubs


Whatever you need your personalised labels for, we are sure to have the right size, font and colour to suit your home organisation and labelling needs.  We know that with so many options, ordering your custom labels can be a little overwhelming, that's why Love and Labels customer service team are here to help you with ordering your custom labels 7 days a week!

Whether you need help with ordering custom labels or need to make sure our labels will fit your products, you can be assured that our custom labels will be right for your needs.

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