How to Choose the Best Pantry Label Font

Choosing the best font for your kitchen labels, jar labels or pantry labels is super easy to do with our built in Font Preview tool.

Simply type in the word you wish to create a label for and our magic font picker will show you what your pantry labels will look like in 20 different fonts.


Love and Labels, Fonts for your Pantry


Love and Labels have many different styles of fonts for all of your different spaces, whether you are needing labels for your Kitchen, toy bin labels, laundry & linen cupboard labels or personalised name stickers for water bottles, lunch boxes or school books.

When choosing the best font for your pantry labels, one of my best recommendations is to choose a simple font that is easy to read.  Some of my favorite fonts for Pantry Labels are; Font 2, Font 14, Font 16, and Font 19.


When I first started organising my pantry and kitchen containers, I chose font 4 which is a pretty, connected font.  I had this in my pantry for about a year before I decided to change out all of my Pantry Labels to font 14, which was not only easier to read but looked neater too.   Font 4 is still my favorite font for personalised name labels and personal Santa sacks.

I have also got font 18 in my pantry for my oil & vinegar bottle labels and salt and pepper shakers.   I have several fonts throughout my house and go through phases of wanting to refresh my labels and decorate and organise my spaces using labels.



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