Essential Pantry Organizing Tips for Your Kitchen

Are you looking to get your pantry organized and tidy? With the right storage solutions, items can be easily accessible, while maintaining an ocean of empty space. Whether you’re storing food items or essential household tools and products, here are some essential pantry organizing tips to help you take on the task of organizing your pantry.

Pantry organization, labels for jars

Start with an inventory of your Pantry and discard expired items.

Before beginning your pantry organization project, take an inventory of what you have and be sure to discard expired items. This helps to avoid any new unnecessary purchases that could add clutter in the future. You can even use a smartphone app or paper checklist to help you store information about the products you have on hand. Our expiry date labels will help you keep your pantry in check and make it easier to see those hard to find expiration dates!

Utilize containers and bins to maximize storage.

Utilizing containers and storage bins is a great way to keep your pantry’s contents organized and maximize space. Choose air-tight containers that are stackable for storing bulk items such as flour, rice, and pasta.

Shallow drawers and baskets can be used to hold small items like spices, nuts, teas, or condiments. Clear boxes with custom labels can also make it easier to locate items quickly without having to dig through cluttered shelves.

Group items together by type, such as grains, spices, and canned items.

When organizing your pantry, grouping items together by type is a great way to keep them neat and tidy. Put all similar products in the same area, such as grains, spices, and canned items. This will make it easier to find what you’re looking for fast while also keeping clutter at bay. Labeling each group can also help ensure that items are always put back where they belong.

Add ways to store high-priority items within easy reach.

Are there certain items that you use more often than others in your pantry? Make sure they’re easy and accessible by dedicating space specifically for them. Install a pull-out drawer, spice rack, pantry risers or simple shelving in the lower or top level of your pantry. That way, you won’t have to search through cluttered shelves to find what you need right away.

Top tip:  Keep healthy snacks on eye level so that it creates healthier eating choices for your family and hide away any sweets and treats to avoid temptation!

Implement a labeling system for quick identification of contents.

In order to easily access and find food items, it’s important that you label everything so that you can find what you are looking for quickly. Use a labeling system such as our long lasting, vinyl pantry labels to label the tops of your food storage containers, jars, or any other food item stored in your pantry. This will help maximize storage space and also make it easier for others to locate items quickly when they need them.


Got any pantry organization tips you would love to share with us?  Let us know in the comments below!

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