Kmart home organization hacks

We’re constantly surprised to see Kmart bringing out new organization products for your home and office.  After all, whats not to love about an organized home...matching pantry containers, labels, storage solutions to maximise your space.

However, all these stylish home organisation products can add up and get a little pricey, so we have tracked down our favourite Home Organization Hacks from Kmart to help you organize all the spaces in your home from kitchen pantry, office and even your kids toy room.

Cube Units

These affordable cube units from Kmart can be used as bookcases, shelving, storage for your art supplies and even for your child's toy storage.

What's great about these cube units is that you can purchase the collapsible felt drawers which are available in many different colours to suit your home decor and they slot nicely into the cube storage.  Just add on some of our label tags with your own personalized labels so that you can easily identify what is inside.

Stackable Storage Boxes

When you don't have the space to go out, go up! And that's exactly why we love these stackable storage boxes.  They can be used in your laundry, for your medicines and supplements, in the office for organizing your stationery or in your pantry to organize your packet mixes, sachets and other small items.



Just like the stackable storage baskets, risers also add space to your pantry. The Kmart pantry risers create space between two shelves, which gives you space to stack your pantry containers and makes it easier to see whats behind those jars!

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Wire baskets

Save space by removing the supermarket packaging and place the inner plastic bags in wire baskets. You can have multiple baskets to organize all of your food items such as snacks, crackers, biscuits, cans.  The Kmart Wire baskets make the food items more visible, thus saving you from the hassle of rummaging around searching what you are looking for.  You can also label the handles of these baskets or add on Acrylic tags and labels to them.


Laundry Storage

Kmart have some of the best Laundry Storage products at very affordable prices. From laundry hampers, wash bags, laundry jars and much more.  Remove your unsightly supermarket packaging and place your Washing Powder, Napisan and Softeners into the Kmart jars and label them.

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Bento Boxes

Keep your kids lunchbox organized with these Kmart's Bento Boxes.  These super cute bento boxes contain 3 compartments for your separate food items and come in different colours.  They are easy to clean and have a removable inner tray to make life that little easier. 

Because these Kmart bento boxes are so popular you will want to make your kids lunch box totally unique with our Personalized Lunch Box stickers so no one mistakenly takes their lunch box!

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