How to Organise your Pantry

Working out where to start organising your pantry can be a very daunting task and  is tricky to know where to begin.  Especially if, like myself you have many different food items in your pantry.

Organising your pantry, not only looks smart and sophisticated but it will also help you to maximise space, no matter how big or small your pantry or cupboard is.

By labelling your pantry items it helps you to easily locate your food staples with ease and helps you to save time so you can spend more time on doing the things you love doing but it will also help you to create a space that will make you want to stay at home and cook!

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How to organise your pantry


Not only will it be more aesthetically pleasing on the eye, but having a well organised pantry also has many benefits!

  • Organising your pantry maximises space - When you decanter your pantry foods, it rids your space of unwanted and unsightly packaging, plastic bags and clutter!  Storing your foods in containers allows you to be able to stack jars or place smaller containers in front of larger ones doubling up on space!
  • It keeps your food fresher for longer - organising your necessary foods into storage containers and canisters helps it to stay fresher for longer!  Gone are the days where you fold over your bag of pasta or flour and try and seal it with a peg which allows the food to spoil and weevils to get in! EWWW Gross!!!! 
  • Allows you to see whats running low - An organised pantry is great for stock count and allowing you to see exactly what you are running low on which makes creating that boring shopping list super easy!
  • Its safer for you and your family - Did you know that there are many  different toxic chemicals that can leach out from the plastic bags and jars that your food is in when purchased from supermarkets?  Thats why storing your food in BPA Free and eco-friendly jars is essential for your health and your family's.   Decanting your foods into safe containers when you get home from the supermarket is a good place to start.



  1. The first set in beginning to organise your pantry is to take EVERYTHING out of your pantry and clean it thoroughly!  
  2. Sort out your food into categories. Here is what works best for myself;
    • Nuts and Seeds 
    • Grains and Rice 
    • Beans and Legumes
    • Pastas 
    • Cans
    • Snacks
    • Baking ingredients
    • Oils and vinegars

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  1. Throw away any out of date items, or if you don't like throwing away food then keep those items out to use first.
  2. Select some good quality clear BPA Free containers.  I personally love the Ikea range as it helps to keep my food fresher for longer and their jars and containers are also airtight, meaning that no air can get in and your food will stay fresher.
  3. Create a list!  List and label all your food items that you will need to create labels for and order your labels. 
  4. Lay out your containers for every day use.  Put all the items you would use daily or weekly where they are most easily accessible.
  5. Organise your products in order of use by date
  6. Clean your pantry every 6 months and check on the use by date

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